Wednesday, October 3, 2018

CAL and FREE PATTERN: Nautical Coasters

After checking my stash, I decided to get rid of some cotton little balls and to turn them into something sweet and small: coasters, potholders, snowflakes. So I now pick a ball, find a pattern for it and crochet it here and there, having fun with it in between the rest of my projects (which are usually large and difficult, like sweaters and blankets).

I also started a Cotton Destash CAL topic in the Cup of Stitches group on Ravelry. If you like this idea, join us and get your cotton projects finished in a fun and friendly company! Show your cotton yarn, your pattern ideas, your project in progress and update us how your cotton destashing is going :)

My first destash project is the Nautical coasters:

I use the motif from the Pond Ripples collection, with a few modifications (the picots added in the last round).

 Here is the “before blocking and after it” picture:

I crochet the stitches tight. I think cotton cuties love tight stitches. So I pick up the smaller size hook than I would use for the wool yarn or cotton garments and shawls. When the piece is ready and the ends are hidden, I steam block it. Actually, I simply iron it with the WS facing. Cotton becomes softer and I fix the shape by hands, then I iron it again. After that, I let it cool and dry on the iron board (while it’s soft it can change its shape).

Happy crocheting!

Links: Cotton Destash CAL on Ravelry

Monday, October 1, 2018

PATTERN UPDATE: Strawberry Danish Cushion

I've just updated the Strawberry Danish pattern and it is now available as for purchase as an individual pattern download in my Ravelry store.

Strawberry Danish is soft, textured, 3-dimensional cushion made of stuffed crochet hexagon tiles. Each hexagon motif consists of two sides (crocheted separately) with a common center, then it is stuffed and the sides are joined.

What's new? It is completely seamless now!

The project does not require sewing, all joins are made as you go. At the end you will need to weave in only one end per motif, the rest of the tails can be hidden inside between the two sides of the motif.

This pattern is written for the cushion shown in the photo, but it is versatile and easily adjustable, you may vary the size of each motif and the finished cushion by working fewer or more rounds.

More ideas for using this motif are: a hot pad, a chair cushion, a rug or even a huge single-motif pillow (sachet, needle cushion, a cat toy, etc). There are many ways to use it, so the choice of the finished item is up to you! Depending on the final use of the project, you may want to use a different kind of stuffing, use whatever is appropriate for the finished item and available to you: from batting to rice grains.

Happy crocheting!


Pattern preview:

Saturday, June 30, 2018

PATTERN UPDATE: Bargello Blanket

I just revised Bargello Blanket pattern, published in 2013. A few formatting changes have been made and a chart has been updated.

I love this pattern very much, this is one of my most favorite ones. It includes instructions for a single-motif and a multiple-motif blanket. The smaller size motifs can be used as coasters, potholders, pillow covers, or chair cushions. I made all of them a couple of times.

Colorful Bargello in rainbow colors

Light as a feather Bargello made in mohair

Original Bargello in three colors

And a multiple-motif version!

Turned my acrylic leftovers into another Bargello blanket

Made a dozen potholders and coasters

I am in love with this delicate flame-stitch pattern, which can be made with two, three or more colors. But it also has much more options than I could imagine and which one day I suddenly discovered. These are Bargellos too!

This stitch pattern can look completely different if using the colors in different order.

  • The red-yellow motif shows an original stitch pattern, worked in three colors and using one color for two rounds. 
  • The center part of the green-yellow motif uses one color (green) for dc rounds and another color (yellow) for ch rounds. 
  • The colorful motif uses one color (blue) for all ch rounds and different colors for all dc rounds.
to be continued! I plan on experimenting with this stitch pattern more!
Bargello blanket pattern is 20% off the price now and until July 5. No coupon needed, the discount will apply automaticaly. Happy crocheting! 

Friday, June 29, 2018

FREE PATTERN: Blue Roses and a CAL!

Blue Roses rug, originally published in the UK magazine Crochet Now, Issue 17, is now available as an individual pattern download in my pattern store on Ravelry! The pattern is free until the end of June 2018, no coupon needed :)

This little rug (or a chair cushion) is made with richly-textured hexagons created using only basic single crochet stitches. The motifs are joined as-you-go while crocheting the last round.

Join us for Blue Roses Creative CAL in the "Cup of Stitches" group on Ravelry! There are a variety of projects which can be made using these motifs (check our Pinterest board for inspiration) and they all are welcome.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

FREE PATTERN: Mindfulness Shawl

Lena's Mindfulness shawl design has been featured in the latest issue of Malabrigo's newsletter and is available as an individual pattern download. Just click on the "download Mindfulness" below and get it for free!

Mindfulness is a triangular shawl worked from the top center back to the edge. The shawl consists of three stitch patterns worked in sections: single crochet ribbing, diamond stitch, and a colorful richly-textured stitch.

Finished measurements: length: 55¼''/ 140 cm; depth: 22½''/ 57 cm.

The sample above uses orange (Mechita in shade Dried Orange) as a bold contrast color which is used only for the textured section for a vivid but unassuming shawl. The second sample highlights the choice of contrast color (Mechita in shade Piedras) by using white for the diamond stitch section only, giving the shawl a bigger and braver splash of color.

Happy crocheting!
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