Monday, July 2, 2012

Hairpin crochet: middle-line

I wrote a post in my Russian blog about hairpin strips' center. I will try to translate it in English now :)

This is hairpin classic:
Single crochet in front side of loop

Another classic way:
Single crochet in both sides of loop
Combine two classical ways into one and get the center looks like a row of double crochet:
Place a hook under the front side of loop and grab a thread, then place
a hook under both sides of loop, grab the thread again and crochet all
loops (you will have 3 loops on hook: the main one, around front side
of loop and around both sides) on hook at once. 
And very tender, airy and bubble center:
Place a hook in front side of left loop and grab the thread. Place a hook
into back (upper) side of right loop and grad the thread again and
pull it though 2 loops on your hook. 

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