Thursday, November 28, 2013

''If Just One'' interview with Inês Sousa

It is so exciting to pretend you are in an imaginary world, to look deep inside yourself, to search through your preferences and desires, and to pick only those dearest to your heart. 

I was first introduced to Inês Sousa's designs, while chatting with Yuliya in previous interview, and immediately felt in love with her elegant shawls. Today Inês (seni on Ravelry) shares her picks with us. 

- If you were NOT to design items from one category only, which one else would it be? (E.g. home items, shawls, pullovers, etc.)
Lately, I’ve been designing mainly shawls, but I’d love to design hats, berets, cowls, mitts and maybe, someday, pullovers as well.

- If you were to use only one type of yarn, which one?
If I had to choose one I’d say DK, I love how it feels and how it looks not only in shawls but also in other projects as cardigans, hats, socks, cowls, etc… It’s neither thin nor thick, being extremely flexible and perfect for everything you can imagine.

- And what about only one color (shades of color)?
That changes a lot, sometimes I’m more into vibrant colors, other times I prefer earth tones. For some projects I choose feminine and delicate colors as lavender/ light green/ pink, but I also like orange/mustard/red contrasting with either neutral or complementary colors. Despite all this, I really love all shades of blue, all the time. I think it’s a very flattering and fascinating color with so many wonderful tonalities.

- What season would always be in your “Only One” design world?
What concerns the design world I love autumn, it has glorious colors! It’s so exciting photograph my knits in autumnal scenarios - the yellow, golden and orange of the foliage contrasting with the cold blue sky. The temperature drops down and it feels so cozy to knit and dream about all the wonderful possibilities ahead. I have wild thoughts about a wardrobe full of handmade pullovers and socks.

- If you were to use only one theme for naming your designs, which one would it be?
That would be Nature. The sense of wonder is very present both in the knitting world and in Nature, plus the theme is vast enough to keep me entertained with all its magic possibilities.

- If you had a possibility to learn only one knitting technique/class, which one you think about first?
Double knitting, because I know nothing about it, except that produces beautiful, warm and intriguing knits.

- Name your design you are proud of most of all!
They’re all my babies, it’s so difficult to choose one! Well, the most complex and challenging design I’ve released lately was Sleepless Heart. I had the idea for this shawl in my head for years and I’m so glad for finally being able to create something I consider special.

- If you were to knit your own design as a someone’s gift over and over, which one is never boring for you?
I’m bad at repeating patterns, once I “crack” a design I’m ready to go to the next one. I still have unrealistic dreams about knitting again a pattern of mine with a different yarn, color combo, mixing the main body of one pattern with the edging of another one, but to be honest, between that and playing with new ideas… creating something new always wins! That said, if I had to choose one, I’d say piu-piu. It has so many options and pattern stitches that I could end with a different outcome each time.

- Which one pattern among all GAL-participating patterns* of other designers you would dive into making right now?
There are so many talented designers and striking patterns, that choosing just one is very difficult! However, right now I’d choose Laura Aylor’s Serra cardigan. I love its quiet elegance and simplicity and the shoulder shaping, which I think it’s very flattering for the feminine figure. I can imagine myself wearing this cardigan over and over again.

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