Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"If Just One" interview with Barbara Gregory

It is so exciting to pretend you are in an imaginary world, to look deep inside yourself, to search through your preferences and desires, and to pick only those dearest to your heart. 
Today Barbara Gregory (barbara on Ravelry) shares her picks with us.

- If you were to design items from one category only, which one would it be? (E.g. home items, shawls, pullovers, etc.)
I would choose small accessories — mittens, hats and cowls.

- And items of which category would you never design?
I have not yet designed a shawl, but I wouldn’t rule out any category.

- If you had a possibility to share your experience and teach only one knitting/crochet technique/class, which one you think about first?
I love working with color but have found that some knitters struggle with it. I would be happy to teach a class about combining color and how it applies to knitting.

- If you were to use only one theme for naming your designs, which one would it be?
Naming the design is hard enough without restricting myself to one theme!

- What color would you choose as a base for all color combinations in your “Only one” world?
I usually like plenty of contrast, so I would choose a rich, dark color as a background. It could be blue, green, red, brown or even black, depending on the contrast colors. It’s impossible to say which one without knowing what the design might be.

- How do you motivate yourself not to make just one sleeve, sock, mitten, anything that comes in pairs?
A deadline always helps!

- Name your design you are proud of most of all!
Of course I love them all, but Dragon Paws was my first mitten design so it holds a special place.

- Which one pattern among all GAL*-participating patterns of other designers you would dive into making right now?
I looked through them all and chose Causal Nexus by Katya Frankel.

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Find more designs by Barbara Gregory here.

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