Tuesday, December 3, 2013

''If Just One'' interview with Christine Guest

It is so exciting to pretend you are in an imaginary world, to look deep inside yourself, to search through your preferences and desires, and to pick only those dearest to your heart. 
Today Christine Guest (ChristineGuest on Ravelry) shares her picks with us.

- If you were to design items from one category only, which one would it be? (E.g. home items, shawls, pullovers, etc.) 
Accessories – because I can finish them before my carpal tunnel syndrome really hurts, and there is a lot of variety in shaping. Oh wait; I love sweaters too, just as you get bored of waist shaping, it’s time to shape the bust, oh here comes the underarm, sleeve, sleeve (yawn) yeah! The everything happens at once part; done! Then there is side to side, top down, pieced – I love sweaters.

- If you had a possibility to share your experience and teach only one knitting/crochet technique/class, which one you think about first?
Yikes! The things I’m interested in either bore other people, or someone else does it better. I love ring cables, but both Lucy Hague and Melissa Leapman teach that already. I did unvent a method of increasing for the bottom of ring cables that is smoother than the one in the third Treasury of Knitted patterns though – the pdf tutorial is free on my blog.

I’ve never actually successfully taught anyone to knit or crochet, I give too many options and frustrate them. I have taught two of my kids to read though, so it’s not the teaching part I’m missing. I think I need to take some classes to see how good teachers do it. I took Amy Herzog’s Fit to Flatter class – wow, what a teacher; I’m still not sure how I’d do that.

- What season would always be in your “Only One” design world? 
Winter or Fall, opps, that’s two. Maybe Spring because it feels just as cold in spring as it does in winter, but we all jump the temperature and wear stupid clothes and feel cold. If I made lightweight wool sweaters and socks in lace or tulip colors, then I’d be in fashion but not shiver. I do like crocheting lace in summer, cotton thread isn’t hot. I didn’t answer the question, did I.

- And what about only one color (shades of color)? 
Orange. Which is hard to photograph, and doesn’t appeal to most potential pattern buyers. I have to restrain myself when picking yarns. But oh, I love orange.

- What type of yarn do you prefer most of all? 
Wool. But my family likes alpaca, silk and cotton.

- How do you motivate yourself not to make just one sleeve, sock, mitten, anything that comes in pairs?
I cheat. I either design them differently, borrow curiousjeny’s technique of one up, one down, or make two different ones, like my coordinating contrast mittens.

- Name your design you are proud of most of all! 
I have no idea. Some fall onto my needles like a gift from heaven, others I rip and frog and tink and re-chart and try again. Then who knows what the public wants to buy? Things that sell well become rosier in my memory for some reason. They all have their moments.

- If you were to knit your own design as a someone’s gift over and over, which one is never boring for you?
None of them, by the second anything I’m bored. I put on an audio book, or bribe myself with coffee and sweets. Sometimes my son M keeps me accountable. Guilt works too, I’m ashamed to say.

- Which one pattern among all GAL*-participating patterns of other designers you would dive into making right now?
Either Dragon Paws by Barbara Gregory or Rivet the Robot sweater by Elizabeth Green Musselman.

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