Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"If Just One" interview with Katherine Rollins

It is so exciting to pretend you are in an imaginary world, to look deep inside yourself, to search through your preferences and desires, and to pick only those dearest to your heart. 
Today Katherine Rollins (KatherineR on Ravelry) shares her picks with us.

- You use a variety of techniques in your designs, such as intarsia, lace, etc. If you were to use only one technique, which one would you choose?

The one technique that does the job. I am a product knitter foremost. I have an idea or look at a photo and say "I want that". Then I purchase or write the pattern and research the techniques to make it. That said, there are some techniques that come more easily to me than others. I do think that colorwork is interesting and exciting but now I'm becoming more excited by lace techniques as I continue to research and learn.

- You are both a children's book writer and a knitwear designer. What does your family think you are first of all?

A mom! Kidding aside, I'm not sure myself which is first for me. I studied (and still study) computers and worked in that industry in the 1990's. It didn't occur to me that I could write children's books until about 2000. It didn't occur to me that I could become a knitwear designer until 2010. Both were eye-opening, light-bulb moments! Although I've been writing and knitting most of my life, I still feel like a beginner. There is so much to learn in both fields. I try to work on the art that inspires me at the moment. I find that it does help to have more than one project in process at a time.

- Just like your books, each of your designs seems to tell a story. Which one is your favourite? Would you share it here?
I will say my favorite is my Knit Body Art Fingerless gloves. Tattoos were taboo in my family when I was growing up. I was not a rebellious teen, so I never wanted one but henna was different, rather interesting because it was temporary. But still, I felt I would be frowned on even if I tried it. So years later, I'm thinking I could use a pair of fingerless gloves because I've actually never knitted myself a pair and this vision of traditional henna inking fires in my brain. Thanks to the Internet the research is right there for my inspiration. I was pleased to learn the positive impact henna tattoos have had for women.

- If you were only to use a single two-color combination for all of your stranded knitting designs, which one would it be?
Black and white because it's so fundamental, like black ink on paper you can write your story in yarn.

- If you were to design items from one category only, which one would it be? (E.g. hats, socks, mitts, pullovers, etc.)

Right now I'm a bit obsessed with neck-wear, like cowls and scarves. I'm beginning to have shawl ideas.

- If there were only one season all year round, what would it be for you?

The Fall! Those glorious colors of burgundy, red, yellow, gold, and orange combined with cool crisp air. It seems to me like every Fall weekend in North Carolina there is a fair or festival to go to. I love it!

- Which one pattern among all GAL*-participating patterns of other designers you would dive into making right away?

There are far too many to list! I can't pick only one!

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