Monday, December 2, 2013

''If Just One'' interview with Naomi Parkhurst

It is so exciting to pretend you are in an imaginary world, to look deep inside yourself, to search through your preferences and desires, and to pick only those dearest to your heart. 
Today Naomi Parkhurst (gannet on Ravelry) shares her picks with us.

- If you were to design items from one category only, which one would it be? (E.g. home items, shawls, pullovers, etc.)
I think I’d have to say hats. They’re small, but can be either simple or complicated as desired.

- If you had a possibility to share your experience and teach only one knitting/crochet technique/class, which one you think about first?

I haven’t really thought much about teaching, so this one took some thought. I think I’d like to try to teach people how to experiment with techniques and mistakes to come up with new methods for doing things.

- If you were to use only one type of yarn, which one?
So many possibilities! Different designs really do call for different kinds of yarns, but I think one of the more flexible yarns I’ve used is the classic 2-ply fingering weight Shetland yarn. There’s a lot of choices there in terms of colors, both solid and heathered.

- And what about only one color (shades of color)?
Greens. And browns. Oh, all right, greens.

- What season would always be in your “Only One” design world?
Autumn - I love the temperatures and colors, both.

- If you were to use only one theme for naming your designs, which one would it be?
Local geography - it’s personal and there’s room for inspiration from both shapes and colors.

- If you were to knit your own design as gift over and over, which one is never boring for you?
This isn’t a question I can answer very well, because I almost always find repetition boring. (It’s a good thing that I don’t consider a single sock or mitten to be a complete project, or I’d never have pairs of anything.) Sometimes I can do it anyway, but I’m still bored. This is when I start making variations on the original, though, which can be a lot of fun.

- Name your design you are proud of most of all!
Of my published designs, Paper Snowflake, because it stretched my brain in several new directions. 

- Which one pattern among all GAL*-participating patterns of other designers you would dive into making right now?
If I had the time, I’d start crocheting Porcelain Berry Shawl by Lena Fedotova. I have some yarn in my stash that’s been waiting for the perfect pattern, and I think this might be it.

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Find more designs by Naomi here: Gannet Designs 

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