Monday, November 24, 2014

Let's Play Favourites! with Lily Go

by Lena Fedotova (ravliki)

Lily Go (lprajogo on Ravelry, site) is another wonderful crochet designer participating in this year's Indie GAL on Ravelry. If you like crochet shawls, you definitely know her exquisite and unique designs. One of them, Gathering Leaves, was my first love on Ravelry. I am very happy that Lily is sharing her favourities with us today.

Let's play favourites!

1. Which of your designs is your most favourite?
Gathering Leaves. The idea of this shawl just hit my brain when I was in the hotel room. Since I didn't have my sketching book with me, I sketched the idea in a small hotel memo.

2. Which of your patterns would be your favourite recommendation to a novice crocheter?
I think none of my pattern is suitable for novice crocheter. My easiest crochet pattern is Blue Lagoon.

3. And which one would be such to a more experienced crocheter?
Remember Me, Piquant and Secret Garden. It has unique construction.

4. What is your most favourite part of designing?
The crocheting part.

5. Favourite crocheting technique?
Hmmmm... That is hard to answer. I don't have favorite technique. Wait! Is "seamless construction" a technique? If yes, then it is my favorite. I always try to make my design as seamless as possible and without breaking a yarn.

6. Favourite yarn brand/yarn type?
I prefer natural fibers. For clothing, I prefer to work with cotton. However, for shawl, I love silk and wool.
Lili Go uses the yarn that her husband hand-dyed for her. It is called Rendezvous Yarn.

7. Favourite place to crochet?
My room.

8. Favourite colour combination?
I have no favorite color combination, but I am avoiding black. My eyes not as good as when I was young :(

9. What are your (favourite) designing plans for 2015?
I am probably still concentrating on designing shawls. I am hoping to be able to self-publish 3 or 4 patterns next year.

10. Is there a designer-GAL participant, whose designs you favourited most of all?
You!!! You have amazing designs and love how you take the photos. Can you lend me your photographers? LOL!

Thank you, Lily! 

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