Saturday, November 29, 2014

Let's Play Favourities with Maya Kuzman

There is one thing we both, Yuliya and I, dislike doing: taking the photos of our designs! Honestly, it's the hardest part of the entire self-publishing process for me. So we were very excited to find a designer who loves photographing her work! And she does it beautifully!

Our guest today is Maya Kuzman (sewella on Ravelry), a designer with a wide portfolio of  crocheted jewelry: necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, earrings, which are vintage, flower-ish and colourful, just the way we (girls) like it!

Let's Play Favourities!

1. Which of your designs is your most favourite? 
Oh, this one is difficult :) I love all my designs but if I have to choose I would certainly pick my {bohemian} cuffs Vintage Rose Bracelet, Sweet Roses Bracelet and Bohemian Bracelet. They really set me in a magical and romantic mood adding at the same time a dash of elegance.

2. Which of your patterns would be your favourite recommendation to a novice crocheter? 
There are many that would fit this category but for novice crocheters I would definitely recommend the Puff Ladder Stitch Bohemian Necklaces and the Crochet Button Necklace. They are as easy as a breeze to make and just by adding different colors you can make eye-catching, one of a kind necklaces.

3. And which one would be such to a more experienced crocheter? 
For seasoned crocheters I would recommend my Valentine Headband and the Bib Necklace - which turned out that it can also be used as a cuff :).

4. What is your most favourite part of designing? 
Sometimes it is picking the yarn for a certain project, other times it is creating (drawing) the project out. But the most enjoyable and rewarding part is setting the scenery for the photo shoot and photographing the final product. That comes like a cherry on the top of a delicious cake and I thoroughly enjoy that part in particular.

5. Favourite crocheting technique? 
Adding lace to my projects. If it is a lacy project I cannot wait to give it that finishing touch with lace and enjoy stitch by stitch until it is done. I get tired by repetitive and dull patterns, but my patterns are rarely such and because I don't want to make them myself, I stay away from them too. My patterns are all lively, vivid and dancing :)

6. Favourite yarn brand/yarn type? 
I mainly use mercerized and gassed 100% cotton for my jewelry. The yarn is from a local producer not known abroad. From acrylic yarn I use Teteks' "Menada", Nako's yarn and yarn by Yarn Art. They have all got some amazing collections I admire and love to work with.

7. Favourite place to crochet? 
My favourite place to crochet is in my armchair in the living room throughout the year, in the company of my family, but in summer it is definitely at the beach or out in the shades of the garden.

8. Favourite colour combination? 
Well, this is going to be hard to pick :) I am addicted to colors - you might have gathered that by looking at my work. I have several favourite color combinations: the most is the one where I include a palette of the same color but in different shades / hues; I love combining dusty pink with grey or brown, robin blue with chocolate / light brown, light purple / cordovan / lilac with grey.

9. What are your (favourite) designing plans for 2015? 
I would love to dedicate time to design some crochet children's' clothes. My grandmother was a master at knitting children's clothes! She designed them herself but she never wrote the patterns down. Luckily I own several of my father's and aunt's baby clothes she made so I am going to use those as inspiration for my future work.

10. Is there a designer-GAL participant, whose designs you favourited most of all? 
This is my first time in the GAL and I have discovered many new fantastic designers! I love Lee-Meredith's hats and gloves, Lisa's baby clothes, and Gillian's mittens. I have also pinned tons of shawls, but there are so many designers I cannot pick just one, so I'll leave that for another time.

Find Maya on Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest or her blog.


  1. Lena, thank you so much for inviting me to take part in you wonderful "Let's Play Favourites" Series. It was a real pleasure!

    1. Thank you! It was a pleasure for us too!