Monday, December 1, 2014

Let's Play Favourities! with Melinda Miller

Our next guest is Melinda Miller (MelindaMiller on Ravelry, MoCrochet). We love her cozy afghan square designs and lovely dishcloths!

Find Melinda on Facebook or in her group on Ravelry.

1. Which of your designs is your most favourite?

I really love them all, but if I had to choose I guess it would be Katharine's Rose. Most of my designs are themed, and this was one of my early ones. I was inspired by a photo of my granddaughter Katharine, who was wearing a rose behind her ear. The rose came from a 100+ year old rose bush growing in my family cemetery. The rose bush was planted in 1905 by my great-grandmother beside the grave of her infant daughter (my grandmother's sister). I had always loved this rose bush as I was growing up and thought it was such a beautiful gesture of love from a grieving family that has endured through the years. When I saw Katharine, who was about a year old at the time, wearing that rose, it just made the feeling more special. How can one deny inspiration such as that? Photos of the rose bush and Katharine wearing the rose can be seen on the Ravelry pattern page for Katharine's Rose.

Katharine's Rose 

2. Which of your patterns would be your favourite recommendation to a novice crocheter?

I would probably suggest any of my dishcloth patterns for the novice. Most of them are fairly simple, even though you may learn a new stitch or two.

Alwine's Dishcloth and Audra's Dishcloth

3. And which one would be such to a more experienced crocheter?

Most of my patterns are rated easy or intermediate. I love incorporating new stitches and techniques, however. I try very hard to write clear and concise directions so that everyone, no matter what skill level they are at, can work up my patterns.

4. What is your most favourite part of designing?

I like the creating process the best. When I have an idea and start working it up and the math works out. Or if I am really determined to use a particular stitch or stitch combination - finding a way to make it work within the design.

5. Favourite crocheting technique?

I don't really have a favorite. I do love to learn new stitches and techniques though, and then incorporating them into my designs so that others can learn them, too.

6. Favourite yarn brand/yarn type?

My "go to" yarn has always been worsted weight, just because I have designed lots of afghan square components. I made a shawl in bamboo once, and really liked the feel of it. I also love some of the gorgeous handpainted yarns I've worked with over the years.

Duchess and Countess afghan squares

7. Favourite place to crochet?

I'm usually sitting in my recliner in the living room with the TV on in the background. I have to have some sort of background noise, although I have been known to be designing in a silent room with absolutely no distractions. That's usually when I'm so involved in the writing part of the design process and very focused.

8. Favourite colour combination?

I would resort to pinks and purples or a combination of jewel tones.

9. What are your (favourite) designing plans for 2015?

I do have a few irons in the fire for next year, but if I told you any specifics, I'd have to kill you. (lol - just kidding of course) Let's just say that there are a few themes I want to explore that will hopefully result in some interesting designs. I may be having shoulder surgery at the end of this year as I suffered a fall and may have torn my rotator cuff. I am fervently hoping that this does not interfere with my crocheting.

10. Is there a designer-GAL participant, whose designs you favourited most of all?

I would recommend Sarah Jane (SarahJaneDesigns on Ravelry). She has designed oodles of great accessories. I am in love with her Soft as Butter shawl.

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