PATTERN RELEASE: Seaside Skirt and Barabashki

The Bobble kerchief pattern works best of all with the novelty yarn: fluffy, funny and easy to crochet project.

Sveta tigris00's project
The skirt is worked in one piece, from the top down and seamless. The increase sections create gently undulating flares and two different skirt shapes can be achieved:
 - a classic A-line silhouette 
 - or a wide flared skirt. 

I was impatiently waiting for a skirt test results, because of the variety of yarn and yarn color used, different sizes and shapes. Thick yarn, awesome!

Jayashreemadan's Blue Belle
tigris00's Wavy Skirt
Lovely and cute baby skirt:

Jade108's Wavy baby skirt


  1. Your crochet is wonderful! Amazing creations! Kisses from Brazil. :)


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