Friday, July 26, 2019

Dotty Cowl: Free Pattern And Tutorial

I am very excited to let you know that the Dotty Cowl, my recent collaboration with Malabrigo, is available on Ravelry and is free!

The cowl is worked in the round and uses a reversible stitch pattern; there’s no wrong side, which allows you to wear your cowl with either side facing out. The colors take turns being dominant and produce a unique look on each side, with one side being a negative of the dotty pattern on the other side.

The yarn is Malabrigo Sock in the shades Sand Bank and Fortaleza. The Dotty cowl uses one skein in each color to create an optimal size cowl, 29” (74 cm) in circumference and 12½″ (32 cm) tall, with very little leftover from each skein.

The photo tutorial below should give you a better understanding of the Reversible Dotty stitch pattern used in the Dotty cowl and Amanita wrap patterns and explain the key elements of it.

The stitch pattern uses two colors and consists of pairs of rows, one of each color on the same level. The first two rows are worked into the same base chain, so these two rows are slightly offset, but level with each other with one behind the other. The order in which the MC and CC are used is not important at this stage and only determines on which side each color will be dominant.

Starting at Row 3, you will always be working into two lower rows at the same time, using the space between two V-stitches and the chain space inside the V-st. After completing Row 3, your piece will look like this: new V-sts (in blue) are worked in-between V-sts of the same color and inside V-sts of the contrast color.

Each second (even) row requires your attention. These are the rows that are worked on the same level as the previous row (not into it), and it is necessary to either work in front of (left pic below) or behind right pic below) the stitches of the previous row.

The stitch placement depends on which color you started the previous row with and which color side is facing. If you are not sure if you need to work in front or behind for the pattern you are following, check the written instructions for color order and stitch placement until you find the rhythm of the stitch pattern.

When the stitch pattern is worked correctly, you will have a fully visible V-st mesh in one color on each side of your piece and dots of the contrast color inside this mesh.

Check out the #reversibledotty hashtag on Instagram to see more examples of this stitch pattern and feel free to hashtag your dotty projects too! 

Dotty pattern on Ravelry
Amanita pattern on Ravelry

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  1. Question! When I am doing the rows that are overlapping a prior row, do I make my stitches through both layers, or just the top layer? Thanks!

  2. Any chance you will do a step-by-step, row-by-row tutorial? Or a youtube video? If so, please use 2 solid colors -- like black and white because it is difficult for me to see where the hook goes with 2 variegated yarns. I've tried and tried and can not figure the pattern out. I need Row 1 (photo) then Row 2 (photos) then Row 3 (photos) then Row 4 (photos). I've crocheted for 30 years, but my brain can not figure out this pattern. Thank you.

  3. I got The first 2 rows but can't understand the row 3 instructions. Your pictures don't show the actual stitches for this and is extremely confusing. I am guessing you end up folding up the CC row in this process but I am not getting it. More information and photos, please! I have 4 skeins of Malabrigo wound and ready to make 2 of these. Thanks so much!

  4. I am also stuck on row 3. I need to see someone actually making this. I am not understanding the photograph, and no matter what I try, it does not look right.

  5. Hello, I need help with the pattern. I can't understand it nor following the tutorial. Nor have I found any video that explains it. Would you be so kind as to explain it with a video? I have the wool ready and I am looking forward to it. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for making this gorgeous pattern available for free! I’m a beginner crocheter and thought I’d tackle something a bit more ambitious during lockdown. I think I figured out the beginning of row 3 - you do need to fold rows 1 and 2 together, then work row 3 into the chain stitches, is that right?

  7. I absolutely love this stitch; anyway it can be done as a blanket? Do you have a pattern for a dotty blanket?

  8. I got through row 3, but now I'm confused on row 4. Any suggestions? A video/tutorual would help.

  9. as others, I need a video tutorial for the stitch. I've been doing crochet for over 20 years, but just can't get this stitch

  10. Ladies
    YouTube one stitch a day look for
    The reversible V stitch in there you learn how to do this stitch he only use one color follow the second color either for right side or wrong side super simple

  11. I am officially stuck in row 3. I thought I had it down but after doing round 6, I noticed that there isn’t a difference between the sides so I know I’m doing something wrong. Any video tutorial?? Please!!

  12. Anyone find a video tutorial for this?

  13. The problem as I see it is that row 4 says to do a spike V stitch as in row 3 when in fact, per the pictures on this blog, you should do just a plain v stitch into the space between v stitches of the same color you are working with. You are not connecting it to the row behind it. It is like building the lattice of that color. The next row is the row that you connect the two colors. It has taken me a week of trial and error and ripping out to get to this point. It is like row you connect and one row you build the lattice. I hope this is helpful. Words are the key to any pattern. I hope mine have helped to clarify somewhat. It is a lovely pattern and worth the struggle to figure it out. Thanks for the pictures in the blog to help see what should be happening.

  14. Okay, I think I figured it out. When you do row 4 you do a spike stitch connecting the front and back stitches of the two rows "below". Really, they are the two previous rows. I think it is through the front space and the back V stitch which you can't really see but lines up nicely. I frogged my original piece and started it over. It now looks more like the pictures.
    I wrote the previous entry and it turns out it gives you a cowl that looks nice but not like the picture. I'm not convinced that I have it completely right but it is better.

    1. I’ve started 3 times and it’s comforting to know other long-time crocheters are having difficulty with this pattern & it’s not just me. I’m going to retry again tomorrow.


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