HOW TO: Crochet Cord Tutorial

In the previous post I mentioned a crochet cord, which uses two separate strands at the same time. Here it is:

1. With C1 and C2 yarn at the same time, ch 1 (starting chain).
2. With C1 (blue), wrap it around hook in the direction away from you.
3. With C2 (grey), yo, pull through two loops on hook.
Repeat steps 2-3.

Use the same yarn end for step 2 and wrap it in the same direction each time (see pic. 2 and 4).

5-6. One side of the cord is a chain line (C2), the second side is a thin solid line (C1), and the third side looks like a dotted line (C1 and C2). C2 is the predominant color in the cord, so choose accordingly.


  1. Ух ты! Впервые вижу такой способ. Спасибо, Лен. Утащила в Pinterest...

  2. I use this cord as a flexible and elegant chain base. Did you tried it? My last post is about this. Thanks for sharing!


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