by Lena Fedotova (ravliki on Ravelry)

I have just released my November design, a crocheted top called Merezhka. It takes its name from a Ukrainian traditional embroidery stitch (hem-stitch). This stitch is worked by pulling out strands of thread, which are used to create lacy lines in the fabric (merezhki). Here is what merezhki look like:

This design combines all of my favourite design elements: motifs, joining as-you-go, a bold geometric pattern and a visual illusion. Mind, there are no triangle motifs here. The top consists of hexagon motifs!

I used different partial and pentagon motifs for shaping the neckline and other openings, because my main goal was to create a top with this beautiful motif without breaking the geometric pattern. Everything in this design is logical, every line starts and finishes in the right place and does not gets broken anywhere halfway, leaving you with a feeling of incompleteness. I am quite obsessive about that.

With this specific construction only one motif layout can be provided for all the sizes. The sizing, however, is possible by changing the size of the motifs (by using thinner/thicker yarn or smaller/larger hook size). It is quite easy, particularly since the top is oversized and fits many figures.

I do have a rule though: no flowers on the highest points on the front of my garment designs. :) The flower centres are very pretty, but I don't think that those two points are the right places for them. So if the motif layout places them exactly there, I change the garment construction to avoid this.

This was only one of the few things I had to find my way around when constructing this garment. I started working on Merezhka in summer 2013 and only just published it (November 2014). I am very pleased with my work and I hope you like this top as much as I do.

Happy clever crocheting!


  1. Thanks for sharing this story about the creation process. I look forward to making this pattern soon (maybe early next year?)


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