PATTERN RELEASE: Liza Pullover and Ease

by Yuliya Tkacheva

Spring is in the air here in London, but the chill is resilient, which means I still have a few weeks to wear my super-cosy, super-soft and super-squishy new sweater! Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present a new addition to the Cup of Stitches garment portfolio: Liza Pullover!

It is a seamless top-down raglan sweater crocheted in one piece in a textured basket-weave stitch pattern. It features a wide ribbed neckline (feel free to wear it off-the-shoulder, if you wish), a straight boxy body and short-sleeves. The faux seams at the raglans add definition to this little pullover and allow increases to be made without interrupting the stitch pattern.

I chose a 100% alpaca yarn (four-ply Drops Alpaca) for this pullover and developed an unhealthy habit of hugging my dressform while it was still on it as a WIP. It is sooo lovely to touch! This particular yarn is also quite budget-friendly and is a great value for the price.

Depending on the amount of ease you add, this sweater can be intentionally oversized or fairly snug on your body. (By "ease" I mean the difference between the garment measurements and those of your body, or, in other words, the extra space available, typically at the bust or the widest part of the chest for "tops".)

I have asked my gorgeous friend Anar to model it for me so we both could demonstrate two different amounts of ease. While the first photo above (on yours truly) shows the same size L sample worn with a 5"/12.5cm ease around the bust, it is 0"/0cm on Anar, i.e. it matches her bust size exactly. And although I intended for this pullover to be loose-fitting, because of the lack of waist-shaping and the stretchiness of the fabric, it still looks relaxed on Anar even with no extra room around the bust. The open neckline and the raglan-sleeves are also quite forgiving and accommodate nicely any difference in our shoulders.

The pattern is written for 6 sizes: 33½ (38½, 43¼, 48, 52¾, 57½)" / 85.5 (97.5, 109.5, 122, 134, 146.5)cm, which should give enough options to pick from for ladies with bust sizes ranging from 28½"/73cm to 57½"/146.5cm.

This is how I personally would go about picking the right size for this specific pullover:

1. First, I would take my bust measurement.
2. Next, I would decide on the kind of fit I want: fairly snug (0-1"/0-2.5cm), comfortable (1-2"/2.5-5cm), even more relaxed (2-4"/5-10cm) or oversized (4+"/10+cm)?
3. I would add the desired ease to my bust measurement to arrive at my target size and look for the closest one on the list.
4. Lastly, I would compare the other measurements for my chosen size against my own measurements to establish whether or not they would work too and if not, I would either reconsider the ease amount or think of what alterations I might need to make.

Hope you have fun making and wearing this pullover!


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