by Lena Fedotova (ravliki on Ravlery)

This summer my inner introvert went through some tough times and to feel fresh again all I could do was to jump into the sea, lie on my back and mindlessly look at the sky. This relaxed me and made me feel fresh and calm.

Imagine this. The hot summer air makes everything look shaded and soft. The sky is grey, the water is teal. Nothing like crystal spring colors, or bright saturated autumnal colors. Your body weighs nothing, your ears are covered with water, you can barely hear anything. These were the best moments of my summer!

With these memories in mind, I created the Zzz Top, a new design within my Mental Vacation collection:

This pattern is written for three sizes (S, M and L) and has lots of possibilities for custom sizing. It also is a perfect “be your own designer” pattern, because of all the possible modifications which can be done easily and without any complicated calculations.

  • the construction (a top-down raglan) allows making this top as wide and long as you wish on-the-go (simply put it on and stop once you are happy with the length).
  • working from the top down also makes choosing yarn easier: pick the yarn you prefer to work with and work to desired top dimensions. Only you decide whether you want it to be a light-weighted top or a cozy thick sweater.
  • create a unique look by choosing your favorite colors and use them for one, two, or more rows (an empty grid for sketching is provided, as well as a couple of coloring examples).

Happy crocheting!


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