October WIP-Along and Report

Every month I start a new WIP-Along topic in the Cup of Stitches group on Ravelry. Everyone is welcome to share their work in progress (crochet, knit, weave, etc...) there, set up the goals, track your progress and stay motivated!

Here is my October report! Not so good, but not bad as well.

1) Seiche and Kambalda were updated and published!

2) Cherry top pattern: I had to complete the yellow top and take photos of both tops first of all.

So the yellow Cherry top is completed, both tops were photographed, the pattern is on tech-editing now, and I then had a huge desire to create a kind of a lookbook for it and started doing it yesterday. There is something very pleasing in flipping the pages :)

3. I have a long list of the old patterns to update and this is my main task for this year: every month I work on updating some old patterns to bring them to the current pattern standard. In October I updated the Porcelain Berry shawl pattern, it is on tech-editing now.

4. I finished the orange textured sweater, then frogged completely and re-worked (I’ll explain why later, as soon as I take the modeled pictures on the new one to be able to compare them both:) Here is the new re-worked sweater:

5. I planned on taking the modeled photos of my new cropped Sandpiper and Porcelain Berry, but did this for the Porcelain Berry shawl only. But I re-worked (once again) my cropped Sandpiper and fixed its fit. Will share as soon as I take pictures!

6. I also had two garment ideas in mind and planned on crocheting them as much as possible.
I started only one garment and made 2/3 of Back. Stopped at the shoulder shaping because I had to think about the shoulder and neckline decreases, but had no desire to do this.

I started to analyze why my plans are getting to mess up to find the reasons and fix this. So in October, I received a new yarn and was very excited, of course, and can’t wait to give it a try. So I spent a lot of time swatching!

Also one of the old ideas finally clicked in my mind and I was working on it a lot in October. I’m still not sure how it will look at the end and if this idea is worth executing, but I made good progress on it and need to continue.

This should be a shawl worked in a short-color repeat variegated yarn. It features multiple stitch patterns, mainly based on a single crochet stitch, which should highlight the beauty of such yarns and pop the colors. At the moment my sample consists of 7 different stitch pattern sections (most all of them are unique) and I swatched three new stitch patterns recently.

It’s quite difficult to design project, not only because I invent new stitch patterns and ways of crocheting, but they also should work nicely in variegated yarns and altogether, meet the same gauge requirements, be not very boring or difficult to make, etc.

 Here is an old swatch, it doesn’t reflect the actual shawl idea, but shows how beautiful the variegated yarn can look in crochet. This swatch cleared the mist in my mind and the solution for this yarn snapped into place.

So I’d say that my October plans were completed 50/50, and the last 50% is not a total fail, but partly replaced with other unexpected tasks!

The November WIP-Along thread is live in the Cup of Stitches group on Ravelry, welcome! If you'd like to be notified when the patterns shown here come out, please sing up for my newsletter: newsletter archive and sing up!


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