by Lena Fedotova (ravliki on Ravelry)

I am very thrilled to show you my last design of this year, Zirka. It is a triangular shawl worked from the bottom up in the filet crochet technique. Its lace star pattern is a well-established classic, that never goes out of style.

To support the idea of Christmas gift giving, starting from December 15 until December 25, 2015, anyone who purchases "Zirka" for a friend, will receive it for themselves as a gift from me. The copy of the pattern will be sent manually within 24 hours to your Ravelry library.

This design is my attempt to push the boundaries of traditional crochet stereotypes. In Ukraine the filet crochet technique has been used for centuries to make lace borders to decorate clothes, table cloths, linen or curtains. Such lace is worked using the tiniest hooks (1mm or less) and mostly sewing thread. 

Filet lace ("proshva") on traditional blouse.
My idea to use a larger size hook and squishy merino wool to crochet a filet shawl with a Norwegian-like star pattern was quite a challenge!

But filet crochet is one of those techniques that looks great no matter what. It is timeless and always looks trendy and charming, whether it was made by your grandmother with thread or by you with merino wool.

I chose some views of an empty beach for my photo-shoot to highlight this harmony.

The shawl can be made to any size since it is worked from the bottom corner up. Simply keep crocheting until you reach your desired size. This also means that you can use yarn of any weight, starting from thread and lace, depending on your personal preferences.

Happy crocheting!


  1. So beautiful ~ the beach, the shawl and the model

    ♥ i-hook


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