TUNISIAN SHELL: Patterns and Tunisian Shell Stitch Tutorial

There are some extremely enjoyable stitch patterns, which are easy, quick and fun to make and which can challenge your crochet knowledge but still keep you relaxed like those st patterns which can be done in front of the tv. Tunisian Shell stitch is such a stitch pattern for me and I hope you enjoy it too!

The designs listed below are worked in the Tunisian crochet technique and do not require a Tunisian hook. Each shell element is small enough to place all of your stitches on a regular crochet hook. It is also fast and easy to complete, which gives you a pleasant feeling of accomplishment, and working element after element relaxes your mind.

I have released the Mermaid Tail Blanket pattern, published previously in Crochet Now magazine, and updated the Tunisian Shell Shawl, the Tunisian Shell Blanket, and In The Shell Top patterns. You will find more details on each pattern on the pattern pages.

You may give this stitch pattern a quick try right now, using any yarn and a regular crochet hook. It will probably take you less than 5 minutes:

Set-up Row: Ch 7, starting from second ch from hook, pull up a loop from each ch. 7 loops on hook.
RetP: *Yo, pull through 2 loops on hook, repeat from * across, leave last loop on hook.
Row 1: Tss in next 4 sts. 5 loops on hook. RetP.
Row 2: Tss in next 2 sts. 3 loops on hook. RetP.
Row 3: Tss in next st, [Tss in next 2 sts of row below] twice, pull up 1 loop from last base ch. 7 loops on hook. RetP. [see pic below]
Rows 4-12: Rep Rows 1-3 three more times.
Bind off: Sl st in each st and last base ch. Shell complete.
The shells from the patterns are joined to the elements of the previous row in a special manner while working the last row.

If you need some basic help, find Tunisian crochet tutorials at www.msweaver.com/tutorials/tunisian-crochet/.

Tunisian Shells Patterns:

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