TUNISIAN SHELL: Tunisian Shell Blanket

Tunisian Shell Blanket was my first Tunisian Shell pattern.

The idea for the Tunisian Shells was actually a long and winding journey.

I have quite strong feelings now when I hear "I hate... picot / crab st / bobbles, etc", as I don't think that the stitch is the problem. Saying we "hate" a stitch is just a way to express our frustration at the lack of skill for that stitch, isn't it? Would we say "hate" if we knew how to work it fast and easy and got the result we loved?

Some time ago, I decided to tackle my feelings towards certain techniques, because there was plenty of crochet and knitting stuff I "hated". I hated picots, crochet cords, crab stitch, reverse stockinette (mine always looked like the RS and WS rows were done by two different people), and many other things.

I started by crocheting a crazy number of granny squares, using left overs, and made picot edgings for each motif. There were hundreds of them and I finally got the hang of how to work them quickly and easily and how to make them all perfectly round and sweet.

I kept consistently working on the techniques I hated, including short rows in knitting, and worked on them in so many different ways until I loved the result and finally grabbed my hook to repeat the same idea in crochet. The first Tunisian Shell was born.

The final Tunisian Shell technique includes almost everything I tried to manage: short rows, picots, crochet cords, but all of these have been heavily transformed and became non-recognizable. See the picots in the picture? They are hidden! The holes at the bottom of each shell give away their location and hint at their key role as a base for each shell.

Tunisian Shells Patterns:

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