Dotty Top: Before and After

This photo was taken before I re-worked the neckline, so if you noticed the decreases at the ribbing and don't like them, I am glad to say that it was fixed (see pic below)! Some flaws strike the eye only after being photographed, and even looking in the mirror doesn't help to catch them.

I know that being a perfectionist isn't a trend anymore. If you google “perfectionism quotes,” most of them will have a negative connotation (like “a beautiful thing is never perfect”) and give us an excuse to be or act imperfectly. But I love fixing and polishing my projects anyway.

Not only because they change for the better, but also because fixing is a completely different skill than designing or crocheting and it should be treated differently, in my opinion. I consider it to be my crochet “gym” time. Pain, tears and hard work, because it is supposed to be hard. Any motivational gym quote fits. “Pain is temporary, pride is forever”.  “No excuses”. You see? Fits perfectly :)

Pattern: Dotty Top on RavelryEtsy

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