Sandpiper: Time To Complete

It took me 7 days to complete Sandpiper.

You may think this is because it was completely thought out before picking up my hook, but this design was no exception, I restarted and re-worked it a couple of times.

I recently started to count how many skeins in I use to complete a design adding in all the frogging and reworking the same yarn over and over. In the case of Sandpiper, it was just a couple of extra skeins used for my designer dead-ends, so, all things considered, it went pretty smoothly!

Nevertheless, one week for such a large project sounds fantastic! But actually, there is no magic in it.

The largest parts of the top, the front and back, are rectangles without shaping.

The stitch patterns are easy to memorize, they use only sc and chains. And they alternate between lace and solid sections divided by a few rows of ribbing – this keeps you interested and doesn't allow you to become bored.

And finally – the yarn – Rios is a worsted-weight yarn, which is so smooth that the rows fly off the hook!

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Malabrigo Rios in shade Sand Bank


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