Suncatcher: Yarn

Suncatcher uses Malabrigo Sock in shade Ochre. This colorway is absolutely amazing and looks very natural and smooth even in tall crochet stitches.

I had three skeins to make the largest size of the shawl and each of these skeins had slightly different color saturation: same color, but each a little bit lighter or darker than the others.

Despite my belief that this color shift would be barely noticeable (if at all), I still wanted to minimize the difference (even if nobody knows, I know that it is different). I didn't want to alternate the skeins and complicate the process, so I waited for daylight* and then simply arranged the skeins in order from light to dark to ensure the colors flowed evenly.

If I had used the lightest and the darkest shades next to each other, maybe there would have been a noticeable color shift, but having the skein with the average color saturation in between them solved this issue.

*There were a couple of times when I started a new project in the evening and could work on it only at night. This taught me to never ever do this again when using hand-dyed yarns and always wait for daylight. You'll notice the difference in color (of the skeins) too late.

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