Sandpiper: Joining

Probably the best thing I've learned since becoming a crocheter, something which completely changed everything, is the join-as-you-go method (check this post for more details and a tutorial!).

I'm using the motif from When Skies Are Grey pattern by Yuliya Tkacheva
The ability to join motifs right in the process of making them was overwhelming and amazing. I immediately switched to this method! Joining as-you-go can be done in many different ways, each of which gives a different look, and as I encounter new joining challenges, I keep discovering new possibilities.

In Sandpiper design, the seamless method is used for joining the sides. Since the front and back are different lengths and not joined completely in order to create side splits, the joining and the split edging are combined/worked at the same time.

You'll start at the bottom of either the front or back and create a neat edge by working into the border stitches up to the bottom of the armhole. When you come around to the bottom of the armhole again (now working on the opposite side, back or front), you'll continue edging from top to bottom and join it with the other side's edging stitches at the same time. When the joining is complete, you'll proceed without joining to the end.

I love how tidy it looks: the edging of the splits, the flat delicate seam, and how clever it is to be able to work a two-in-one: edging and joining at the same time.


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Malabrigo Rios in shade Sand Bank


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