Sandpiper: Modifications

Sandpiper allows the crocheter to easily create custom sizing because it is made of two rectangular pieces with no shaping.

You can change the width by working fewer or more pattern repeats across the front and back pieces.

The circumference of the sleeves, as well as the armhole depth, is determined by the number of stitches you pick up around the armhole.

The only caveat to this simple custom sizing is the length. If you want to make your top shorter, you should bear in mind that you cannot reduce the number of rows in the Lace or Ribbing sections. The only adjustable element is the number of rows in each Linen section. By making this section shorter it is possible to change the length of the top. You can also skip the last one or two Linen sections or even combine both methods: skip an entire section and add more rows in the remaining Linen sections to add back some of the length removed so the overall look and length are what you prefer.

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Malabrigo Rios in shade Sand Bank


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