STORY (and Video!): Pour Homme Kerchief

by Yuliya Tkacheva
(MsWeaver on Ravelry)

Last winter was not the easiest for my husband, with medical tests, followed by an urgent operation on his thyroid. He was a trooper throughout and we are hoping that “winter is not coming yet” (those of you watching “Game of Thrones” would know this phrase :).

He was asking me for a long time to make him a new kerchief, ever since he accidentally lost his Metro, and, although I hardly ever make crochet gifts (which are way too precious to be carelessly lost!), I felt that this year he deserved something special for his birthday.  Here is my kerchief “for him”:

Pour Homme is a triangular shawl worked sideways from a corner in alternating sections of textured Tunisian crochet stitch patterns. The gorgeous Malabrigo sock yarn in Eggplant is perfect to showcase the beauty of Tunisian crochet stitches and oh so soft!

For those familiar with Tunisian crochet, it should not present a huge challenge. The only thing you may find new is the way I work increases at the end of the forward pass. I have provided a step-by-step tutorial which will guide you through the first few rows and most of the stitches used are also included in my Tunisian crochet glossary. And if you prefer to work from a chart, this has been provided too.

Have you got anyone special in your life to make this kerchief for?

Pour Homme Kerchief on RavelryLove Crochet and Etsy


  1. Just visiting your site after seeing your pattern in the Spring issue of Pompom, and I have to say I am SO excited about your crochet patterns!! I both crochet and knit, but had sort of abandoned crochet in favor of knitting because I could not find the kinds of patterns I wanted to crochet. This Tunisian pattern is simply amazing and I cannot wait to get back to crocheting!! Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Anna! I appreciate your stopping by to share such a lovely compliment! I hope you continue to enjoy crochet.


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