PATTERN RELEASE: Pour Homme and Yoga Top

by Lena Fedotova (ravliki on Ravelry)

The best part of working as a team is the different ideas we come up with while being inspired by the same theme.

Last winter both Yuliya and I got hooked on a new stitch, the spike single crochet, and published three designs using this stitch: Polka Dots Mood (a kerchief and a cowl) and When Skies Are Grey (a rug). The former use spike stitches to create flat fabric and a polka dot pattern, while the latter is a flower design made of spike stitch motifs.

This spring we decided to go back to one of our all-time favourites, Tunisian crochet. Spring weather is so unpredictable and it is too early to start lacy projects, so Tunisian crochet fabric seems to be just what's needed for this in-between season.

Having this theme in mind, we designed two patterns and look how different they are!

Yuliya is known by her gorgeous textured stitch patterns. This time she came up with an asymmetrical unisex kerchief, full of interesting stitches, which will keep you engaged throughout the entire project.

And I continued to explore Tunisian entrelac, so mindless and easy (just a few stitches on the hook at a time!), and I am pleased to show you my Yoga Top:

More detail about each design yet to come!


Make sure to look for a special offer inside each pattern! 

Happy crocheting!


  1. Gorgeous designs, both! I love the elegance of the kerchief, and the yoga top is easily one of the most beautiful, creative, wearable designs I've seen in a long time. Good work, ladies!

  2. Hi! I'm interested in the Yoga Top, but I have a question. I'm much wier at the bottom than the top. In a design like this, this creates a very "square" body profile, how could I decrease the size as I go up? I've tried changing the hook size, which works to a certain extent, but not reliably, mainly because the size differential is so high (about 6"). Sometimes the fabric is stretchy enough to work, but I don't get the impression that tunisian is very stretchy (but I'm a novice at it. Suggestions?

    1. I would change the number of stitches within a square element. The squares consist of 7 stitches and 5 rows, so I would make some of them (or all of them) larger for the bottom rows (9 sts and 7 rows, for example).

    2. Oh, excuse me, I don't know why I wrote 9 sts and 7 rows, this could be 8 sts and 7 rows, or 9 sts and 8 rows, and should be definitely done for all the squares within a row.


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