I am not into magic and mysticism. I love maths, formulas and logic, and enjoy reading quantum mechanics literature more than any non-realistic fiction books.

But sometimes magic does happen in my life and I can't deny it (even if I want to :). Sometimes a swatch with a new pattern starts a life of its own and I become its tool. I am not a designer and creator anymore, I just follow the nature of the pattern and do what it tells me to do. 

This is quite an odd feeling, because I realize that I can't even control my own hands any more. This is exactly what happened when I was working on my newly published pattern Down The River.

I loved this stitch pattern at first sight. It is not from a stitch dictionary but I used another stitch pattern as a base. The textured fabric with a V-like pattern didn't want to lay flat (bottom up or top down), as it was supposed to. It wanted to be turned 90 degrees and worked across. It simply screamed to me: "Hey, look at me, this is my most natural look! This is my face and not where you think it is!" The increases and decreases were forming naturally, the ribbing was growing from a stitch pattern like sprouts grow through the pavement no matter what, and all I had to do was to crochet.

I am passionate about this stitch pattern and will definitely use it again and again, but today I would like to show you the result of this mysterious process, the way this stitch pattern wanted to turn out for the first time - the simplest construction, absolutely mindless and easy.


  1. Love you stitch!! I think I love plain stitches :-)

  2. Thank you for taking part in the Crochetville blog tour! I love finding new designers and love your designs :)

  3. I think your top is stunning. I love the design of your stitch!!


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