Monday, June 17, 2019

Suncatcher: Stripe Options

The Suncatcher pattern includes additional options/charts to create a rectangular shape. These charts were also meant to be useful for giving options on where to change color most effectively when creating stripes.

One of the color options requires switching the colors in an unexpected place to achieve perfect striping. I am talking about ch-5 sps before the first row of 3dc-clusters.

One of two 3dc-cluster rows (the top row of each color section on pic) includes both clusters and ch-5 arches, but the first row of 3dc-clusters is worked differently and consists of 3dc-clusters only.

To achieve a matching arch-and-loop look at both ends of the color sections, the row of ch-5 sps BEFORE first 3dc-cluster row should be included in this color section.

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