Suncatcher: Design Story

Suncatcher could have looked like this!

I made my first swatch of the shawl using leftovers of Malabrigo Sock in the shade Ochre. I didn't have enough yarn for the entire shawl and picked another shade from my stash, Cereza. It looks super rich and beautiful, doesn't it? I love rich, vivid, and full of life colors so much! But I set it aside anyway, feeling that it didn't look quite right (you probably know that feeling!).

This project could have been buried under the tons of fresh ideas, but one year later I completed this design in the Ochre colorway, exactly as I wanted it to be.

It was pure luck that I had a chance to take part in the Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project and the collection theme I chose was just perfect to include this shawl's idea and to work it in that beautiful subtle yellow color. Happy birthday, Suncatcher!


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