Suncatcher: Stitch Pattern

I made the first swatch of this stitch pattern more than 6 years ago!

It was not a unique combination of stitches I came up with, it was something I'd seen in the Japanese crochet magazines and was fascinated with. This swatch stayed in my swatch box for years. I regularly go through this box and remove “out-of-date” swatches, but this one always looked promising to me and always felt modern.

During this time I've been wondering what kind of design would best work with this stitch pattern, and this process is not that straightforward as it might seem. The answer “whatever you want!” never works with me when looking at a stitch pattern as a basis of a future design. I see so many possibilities!

At this stage, I start exploring the stitch pattern and this can actually take years because the exploration happens here and there, a bit at a time.

Besides the general features, like lace, solid, textured, etc., when creating a pattern from a swatch, I need to keep in mind: the different stitches used, are there rows of different heights, if it is made of several stitch patterns (like this one, which alternates between lace and solid st patt sections) and each of these st patts may have different stitch repeat. For example, in this sample, it is a multiple of 2 sts in the solid section and a multiple of 4 sts in the lace section.

This information helps to determine the ways increases and decreases can be done, and different shapes can be achieved, as well as the different ways border stitches can be dealt with to easily achieve neat edgings. After this research has been done, some options are not as promising as before. And finally, I find one, which is working up so smoothly, easily, naturally, that it becomes clear that the stitch pattern should be treated exactly this way. [to be continued]


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