Suncatcher: Stitch Pattern (continued)

The diagonal direction of work I chose fits this stitch pattern perfectly:

1) The increases made along one side are neat and simple.

2) The increases make the shawl enlarge slowly, turning it into a long and narrow triangle, which is one of my favorite shawl shapes: it grows quickly, but it is not as deep as classic shawls and is perfect for wrapping around the neck.

3) With this direction of work, it becomes possible to work the edging along one side as-you-go, creating the neat edge and, at the same time, avoiding turning chains at the beginning of the rows. It wouldn't work or look as nice if I chose a rectangular scarf or a classic triangular-shawl construction.

4) The diagonally-oriented st patt sections are visually appealing and are associated with dynamism, expression, and motion. Perfect for the Breezy mood of the collection!


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