RIFT: Color and Getting Started

I'd like to share the design story of my upcoming pattern and it begins with the color. My favorite color in February was red.

Starting the design process with a rich, hot, red color meant that the remaining design elements should be simple: I chose top-down raglan construction, relaxed fit and a simple stitch pattern. A piece of cake, but frankly, such simple designs require a lot of attention: neat stitch work, accurate edging, smooth color flow, perfect fit, no extra fabric or wrinkles at armholes, etc.

I don't mean that the super-cool design may skip any of these, just that the simple ones do not have those cool elements that could distract you from the possible flaws. One can never be overly perfectionist with something minimalistic in style and simple in shape. And I love it!

Yarn: Malabrigo Rios in shade Ravelry Red
Pattern: Rift by Lena Fedotova

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