RIFT: Edging

The stitch pattern I used for the edging uses slip stitches. It is actually a pretty cool stitch pattern which mimics the rows of garter knit st (see pic 3). The other side (which I chose as a right side) looks like a solid and dense knit-like fabric. The thickness of the stitch pattern makes it perfect for an edging, which should be heavy enough to hold its shape.

Both the red and yellow swatches are worked in the same stitch pattern, but for the yellow swatch I worked regular slip stitches, and for the red one I used reverse slip stitches (the hook is inserted into the loop from back to front). Both swatches look the same in real life (if not in the photo then that's a photographic illusion or a trick of the light!), so you are free to choose the way of crocheting slip stitches you prefer most  (regular or reverse), it won't affect the stitch pattern's look.

Here are the instructions:
Start: Chain as many as desired. Starting from second ch from hook, 1 sl st in each ch to end. Turn.
Row 1: Ch 1, 1 sl st in FLO (front loop) of each st to end. Turn.
Row 2: Ch 1, 1 sl st in BLO (back loop) of each st to end. Turn.
Rep Rows 1-2.

Row 1 side resembles a garter-like fabric.
Row 2 side resembles a knit-like fabric.

Yarn: Malabrigo Rios in shade Ravelry Red
Pattern: Rift by Lena Fedotova

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