RIFT: Wrong Version And Why I Re-worked It

I'd like to show you the WRONG version of my red sweater before it was RE-WORKED and share my thoughts on why I decided to make some changes.

I completed and blocked my sweater and was very happy with it until I looked at the modeled photos. Sometimes you need to distance yourself from the project in order to see the design flaws. After looking at the photos, I found that there was something wrong with the ribbed edging; it didn't fit the overall design.

The edging was made with the same stitch pattern but worked perpendicular to the body, but due to a visual illusion, the vertical ridges looked narrower than the horizontal ones, and the color pooling only highlighted this disproportion. This difference in visual pattern rhythm created a sort of design cacophony.

Sometimes we cannot easily say what's wrong with a design or what makes it perfect, we just love some at first glance, and scroll down without paying attention to the others. And, from the designer's point of view, as a person who is attached emotionally to their work, it is twice as difficult to be objective and be able to separate the “I don't like what I made!” and “It is definitely wrong and needs to be fixed” statements. When this happens to me, I ask myself why I feel this way and try to break it down into a list of reasons. At this stage of the design process, I always feel a huge lack of aesthetic and fashion knowledge, but it is so interesting to solve these puzzles!

When the reasons and then the solutions are found, I feel like I have grown as a designer. In other words, the most boring and stressful aspects of my design process (swatching, analyzing & fixing the result) increase my skills drastically and at a faster pace. Which is pretty sad, haha (I wish I had more joy at work!), but at the same time doing these tasks are very inspiring and motivating, too!

Yarn: Malabrigo Rios in shade Ravelry Red
Pattern: Rift by Lena Fedotova

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