RIFT: Neckline Edging

The edging I used for the neckline of Rift mimics the knit roll edge and is made with the help of slip stitches worked in front loops only, in a spiral with front side always facing. This makes the edging roll up naturally. Cute, neat and simple!

Frankly, the edgings take most of my time. In my opinion, crochet (due to its nature) misses the basic edgings, the edgings which can be used whatever stitch patterns you chose, for example, like classic ribbing edgings in knitting, or i-cord. They fit almost everything and allow you not to think about the edging at all if you don't want to.

In crochet, you have to "invent" the edging every time you start a new project. It depends on the stitch pattern, how tall the stitches are (and if you mix the stitch patterns, some border sts are short, some are tall), the difference in the gauge of main st pattern and edging also matters. You have to think in advance about the ways you can deal with border sts to achieve neat edging easily too.

I wish someday I'll dive deeper into this and find some working solutions for crochet edgings. And this knit-like roll edge seems to be a nice neckline solution for almost every stitch pattern, because it starts with a base round around neckline (no matter what st pattern is used, you just need to fill the entire neckline with single crochet stitches) and continues with slip stitches for four-five rounds.

Yarn: Malabrigo Rios in shade Ravelry Red
Pattern: Rift by Lena Fedotova

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