Wednesday, January 15, 2014

HOW TO: Crochet Cord Tutorial

In the previous post I mentioned a crochet cord, which uses two separate strands at the same time. Here it is:

1. With C1 and C2 yarn at the same time, ch 1 (starting chain).
2. With C1 (blue), wrap it around hook in the direction away from you.
3. With C2 (grey), yo, pull through two loops on hook.
Repeat steps 2-3.

Use the same yarn end for step 2 and wrap it in the same direction each time (see pic. 2 and 4).

5-6. One side of the cord is a chain line (C2), the second side is a thin solid line (C1), and the third side looks like a dotted line (C1 and C2). C2 is the predominant color in the cord, so choose accordingly.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

STORY: Tunisian Shell Blanket

Tunisian Shell is the first Lena's pattern of 2014. It is a hexagonal blanket, made using the Tunisian crochet technique and short rows. Each shell element of the blanket is small enough to place all of your stitches on a regular crochet hook.

Use coupon code SHELL and get 25% off on this pattern until the end of January 12, 2014.
The pattern assumes basic familiarity with Tunisian crochet, specifically how each row is worked as two separate passes and how to work the Tunisian simple stitch.
 You should also know how to work the crab stitch for the edging of your blanket.

The idea of this blanket didn't suddenly dawn on me and I remember each gentle little step of how this blanket came to life. :) Here is its path:

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