Saturday, May 25, 2019

Suncatcher: Edging

I thought for a long time that edgings, these gorgeous, bold, and eye-catching edgings are my designer's weak point. Because I could not design anything like that. Until I realized that I was looking at the problem from the wrong angle.

Not every shawl needs a bold edging. Typically, such gorgeous edgings are accompanied with a plain or neutral st patt for the shawl body to keep it balanced and not overwhelming. As long as I use a textured, bold, or eye-catching stitch pattern for the main part of the shawl, I avoid bold edgings instinctively. If the shawl body is the star, it's best to keep the edging simple.

When I designed Suncatcher, I already understood this idea, so my main task was to find that an imperceptible finishing touch.

If you look closer at Suncatcher's edging, you'll see that it consists of one lace row with additional arches at the top. If you feel that these arches look strange, you are right. It seems impossible to do the second row of arches without breaking the yarn because these arches should have more arches in between, but they don't.

This super-spiky look is made with the help of a two-story stitch which allows one row to mimic the look of two rows.

This stitch is worked in several steps and directions (I adore crochet possibilities!) and consists of a combination of multiple yarn overs and regular dc, which, when put all together, creates the spiky edge instead of a continuous line.

And mainly, it accomplishes its job perfectly by giving the shawl a row of sunny rays.


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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Breeze Collection: Released!

My fresh and airy Breeze Collection is now available on Ravelry! It includes five crochet designs each of which has a curious soul and a relaxed nature.

Each pattern in this collection has its own unique feature that will surely amaze or teach you something new and, I hope, inspire you on your continuing crochet adventures.
  • Sandpiper will probably surprise you with how little time it takes to crochet such a big garment (spoiler: very quickly!) and shares a join-as-you-go way of seaming the sides, which results in a neat and flat join.
  • Ozone will amaze you with its rich texture created using only the simplest crochet stitches.
  • Anemone will restore your faith in crochet discovery: there are still many crochet stitch patterns and combinations waiting to be invented and explored.
  • Waters will inspire your inner artist, an aesthete, and a perfectionist, in the way the colors blend beautifully one into the other like watercolors while using a colorwork method that leaves no leftovers of this lace yarn.
  • And finally, Suncatcher is all about relaxed regular crochet, which is not typical for me, so I added a little smart touch to its edging. The edging uses a two-story stitch which allows one row to mimic the look of two rows and achieve that super-spiky look.

I'll be sharing these designs' stories, tips and tricks, behind the scene moments and much more in the upcoming weeks on my Instagram and here, in blog. You can also find me in the Cup of Stitches group on Ravelry. See you there and happy crocheting!

(the link will take you to the ebook page on Ravelry)

Monday, May 13, 2019

Dotty Top: Sleeve Length and Neckline

Dotty Top can be worn with shoulder coverage or off-the-shoulder thanks to the wide bateau neckline made in stretchy ribbing.

Something that needs to be taken into consideration when making this style of top is that the off-the-shoulder option adds “extra length” to the sleeve and it's best to decide in advance which way you will be wearing the top the most and how you are going to deal with the difference in sleeve length.

The pattern is written for the off-the-shoulder style which will give shorter sleeves when you slide the neckline up onto your shoulders. These shorter sleeves can be folded or rolled up to create a more stylish ¾ sleeve for those times when you prefer more shoulder coverage.

Pattern: Dotty Top on RavelryEtsy

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Friday, May 10, 2019

MADMAY: Charmer and Ultravioleta

In celebration of MadMay, an annual event in the Madelinetosh Lovers group on Ravelry, I am offering 20% off my latest patterns designed in this gorgeous yarn, Charmer cowl and Ultravioleta shawlUse code MADMAY to get the discount (valid until the end of May)!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Dotty Top: Before and After

This photo was taken before I re-worked the neckline, so if you noticed the decreases at the ribbing and don't like them, I am glad to say that it was fixed (see pic below)! Some flaws strike the eye only after being photographed, and even looking in the mirror doesn't help to catch them.

I know that being a perfectionist isn't a trend anymore. If you google “perfectionism quotes,” most of them will have a negative connotation (like “a beautiful thing is never perfect”) and give us an excuse to be or act imperfectly. But I love fixing and polishing my projects anyway.

Not only because they change for the better, but also because fixing is a completely different skill than designing or crocheting and it should be treated differently, in my opinion. I consider it to be my crochet “gym” time. Pain, tears and hard work, because it is supposed to be hard. Any motivational gym quote fits. “Pain is temporary, pride is forever”.  “No excuses”. You see? Fits perfectly :)

Pattern: Dotty Top on RavelryEtsy

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Friday, May 3, 2019

Dotty Top: Pattern Release

I have a new pattern in my store on Ravelry!

Dotty top is worked seamlessly in the round from the top down with the right side always facing. It features a round yoke construction with the “dots” gradually increasing in size to create a smooth visual transition from yoke to body. 

After completing the yoke, one extra dot repeat is added to the underarm at each side and then the body is worked evenly in rounds to the bottom. After the body is complete, the sleeves are worked top down to the cuffs. A wide bateau neckline worked in ribbing st rounds out the style.

This top was designed to be quick and simple and could be a lovely relaxing project for the experienced crocheters and a good first garment for those who are adventurous beginners.

For those who always modify the pattern in order to get the best fit for their body, I have included modification tips which might help you more easily make your desired changes (higher back neck, sleeve decreases, etc). The checkered order of the elements determines how many extra back rows and/or underarm elements are possible to be added and these two modifications influence each other. If you change one, you should bear in mind that the other one will change too.

Pattern: Dotty Top on Ravelry, Etsy

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TUNISIAN SHELL: Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket, published previously in Crochet Now magazine, is available in my pattern store on Ravelry.

The pattern has been tweaked a little, updated, and now uses U.S. crochet terminology. It also includes six more color diagrams to get you inspired as well as a blank template for each of the three available sizes to colorize and visualize your blanket before you start.

Happy crocheting!

Tunisian Shells Patterns:

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