Thursday, November 27, 2014


by Lena Fedotova (ravliki on Ravelry)

I have just released my November design, a crocheted top called Merezhka. It takes its name from a Ukrainian traditional embroidery stitch (hem-stitch). This stitch is worked by pulling out strands of thread, which are used to create lacy lines in the fabric (merezhki). Here is what merezhki look like:

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PROJECT: Lazy Halyna

by Lena Fedotova (ravliki)

This design by Yuliya (MsWeaver) is not a piece of cake to crochet, but all my efforts have been rewarded. Here is my luxury and feminine Lazy Halyna:


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

PROJECT: Pink Cookies

by Lena Fedotova (ravliki)

I love "tasty" crochet when everything about it (the color, the photos, and the name) remind me of something yummy! If you share this love with me, enjoy these photos of Yuliya's Pink Cookies


Friday, November 7, 2014


by Yuliya Tkacheva (MsWeaver)

Do you remember my Purple Gold Scarf, crocheted in a simple Tunisian chevron lace stitch? 
Take that stitch pattern, get rid of the stripes, stagger the eyelets and you arrive at nothing less than a Tunisian version of the well-known knitting leaf stitch!

This is the stitch pattern I used to create my new design Listopad, a Tunisian crochet lace stole.

Instead of the customary approach of using a lacy stitch pattern to border a plain body, I decided to do just the opposite: the leaf stitch pattern forms the main body of the stole and sections of the plain lacy chevron edge it on both sides. It is worked as one piece from one end to the other with no joining in the middle. Since it is worked in one direction, the two ends are not exactly the same, but similar enough to match and look symmetric. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

CROCHET MODE: Halyna Cardigan

by Lena Fedotova (ravliki)

Do you wear your crochet tops with canvas shoes or sneakers? Try pairing them in your outfits and you will be surprised how great they look together. You can create many different outfits with the perfect balance of sporty and chic:

Light Floral: Crochet and Keds
Banana Girl

Fast Cherry

Fast Cherry by ravliki  featuring Halyna Cardigan


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