Sunday, June 29, 2014

PATTERN RELEASE: Purple Gold Scarf

It’s been awhile since I last crocheted something simple and repetitive, something I could pluck at while semi-watching TV and answering my daughter’s increasingly deeper why-questions (such as, “Mummy, why are you not an astrophysiLcist?”).

So when I saw the purple and gold shades of Fyberspates Lace Scrumptious my designer-self screamed, “Combine!”, but my crocheter-self begged, “Please, keep it simple!” This is how the idea of a lacy Tunisian crochet chevron scarf, Purple Gold, was put together.

There are only a couple of stitches used in this design. Both of them can be found in my Tunisian stitch glossary and are referenced in the pattern for your convenience.

Once you get the initial row, you are pretty much all set and can simply enjoy the growth of the pretty lacy fabric. It is nice enough in a single colour and you might just as well keep it monochromatic (have a look at this gorgeousness by Amanda Ochocki!). But should your heart desire more entertainment, throw in some chevron stripes (more gorgeous projects here)! Stick to the colour sequence suggested in the pattern (it contains a few extra ideas to choose from) or create your own chevrons. And they don’t have to be two-colour! Neither do you have to have any particular plan in mind: simply add a new colour whenever you start feeling bored and see where it takes you.

The size of the scarf can be easily adjusted. Use cotton or any other “cooler” fibre to create a summer stole or go for “warmer” fibres if you want a cosy winter scarf. The design is unisex and suitable for any age.

Happy chevrons,
Yuliya (Ms Weaver)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

HOW TO: Lovers knot

by Lena Fedotova (ravliki)

Lover's knot is a very simple stitch. It consists of two stitches: a chain and a single crochet in the back ridge of this chain. 

Pic 1. Make a large chain (the size of this chain determines the size of the Lover's knot, so make 
sure it is at least the height of a double crochet stitch or taller)
Pic 2. Insert your hook under the back ridge of the chain. Yo, pull through (2 loops on the hook). 
Pic 3. Yo again, pull through 2 loops on the hook. Lover's knot completed.

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