Friday, May 29, 2015


by Lena Fedotova (ravliki)

Time for summer crochet tops, fun and bright, made of cotton and linen!

I previously used this motif in Merezhka and Scarlett Berry designs and I fell so hopelessly in love with it, that I couldn't resist to play with it again and here is the result:

Some designs are born to be easy. The right yarn simply jumps on the hook. I bought this skein of linen some time ago without having any particular idea in mind and, frankly, was not entirely convinced about the color. But the second I thought about this summer top, there was not a shade of doubt any more.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

PATTERN RELEASE: Two Summer Stories Ebook and CAL!

by Yuliya Tkacheva MsWeaver

With summer approaching, wouldn't it be a good time to crochet a lacy summery shawl?

I have just written up two new shawls, which are lacy and summery. They have summery names and are combined into an ebook with an equally summery name:

Two Summer Stories (ebook):

Story #1 (left, purple):

One Summer Night is a classic triangular shawl worked outwards from the center of the top edge in alternating sections of V-stitch and mesh patterns, edged with a delicate open-lace border. 

Story #2 (right, yellow):

One Summer Day is based on the same stitch patterns but is worked from a corner as an asymmetrical triangle and bordered with a simple scalloped edging.

If you are ready to start crocheting one of these shawls right away, you are welcome to pick your favourite story (or both!) and join us for a "read along" on Ravelry. There is a special offer of a third off the price on each individual pattern for the participants of the CAL and you can get the code from the CAL thread.

Happy summer crocheting!
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