PATTERN RELEASE: Grow Your Molecule

by Lena Fedotova (ravliki)

I never know where I am going to find inspiration for my next project. Or what I will get at the end! :)

This time I found it in this lovely white-and-blue country-style fabric. I had a couple of blanket ideas sitting in my sketchbook for a long time, but it was this picture and these colors that finally brought it all together.

After I solved all technical problems and made my swatch number 101, it looked so cheerful, that I forgot about everything and dived into crocheting. I picked up my favorite spring colors (milk, apple green and mint blue) and started crocheting this blanket. I could not put my hook down and sometimes carried on till crazy hours, like 4 a.m., for example. Beware, you won't be able to stop either! :)

And, as it usually happens, I ran out of yarn and needed to start a new blanket, having to pick colors from the yarn I already had in my stash. The colors I had did't really go together very well so I asked my husband for help.

I remember my skeptical feelings about his color choice, but he said, "Don't you see? It will be just gorgeous in the end!" He was so right, wasn't he? :) The Molecule is very molecular, in my opinion!

Don't be afraid to pick any kinds of crazy color combinations. This design will work just great because of the "kaleidoscope effect": mix colors, create geometry and enjoy the beauty. The geometry of this blanket is truly spectacular!

The things I thought were shortcomings, turned out to be the strongest design feature. The concave and convex edges of hexagons and triangles create those perfect circles inside.

The thin border, which outlines the edges of the circles without breaking the geometry, is a lovely finishing touch.

Thank you for reading and happy crocheting!

Grow Your Molecule Blanket on Ravelry


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