CROCHET MODE: Sun Powder, A Thin Layer of Crochet

by Lena Fedotova (ravliki)

Can a crochet top be a staple piece in your summer wardrobe and fit many of your outfits? Yes, of course! I say "yes" to having this summer experience under my belt . :)

In my opinion, there are two factors which should be borne in mind for a win-win multi-pairing of a summer crochet garment:

1. Color. This should fit the rest of your summer wardrobe. White and black are always the champions, of course, but I personally prefer bold bright colors. And the bolder the better! 

2. Texture, which should be as soft as possible, without any overwhelming individuality. This allows you to combine your crochet piece with clothes of different styles, which don't make you look "boho" all the time.
These are the two things I kept in mind, while designing my Sun Powder top. It is bright in color and has a delicate stitch pattern, which makes it suitable for many outfits.

Here are a few ideas for wearing this top:

Sun Powder

Pannochka: Crochet and Keds

San Tropez



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