by Yuliya Tkacheva MsWeaver

It is probably no secret to some of you that I am not a monogamous crocheter. I can't stick to the same crochet technique for too long and I am rather promiscuous when it comes to crochet methods. Well, let me introduce you to my new passion: post-stitch crochet!

I doubt it really is considered a separate crochet technique as such, but I do think it should be, since the fabric crocheted working around stitch posts, rather than in their tops, looks and feels completely different to regular crochet and has a different structure. It has this unique woven look and, if you work in the round with the right side always facing, it is also perfectly balanced and symmetrical. No diagonal biasing or alternate “wrong side" rows!

After working a few rounds you feel like crocheting around the posts is the only natural way to crochet. Why would anyone even consider such nonsense as crocheting in the tops of the stitches?! (Only joking!) Having said that, you do need to be careful with your yarn choice, since the resultant fabric can be very bulky when crocheted with thicker yarn. 

The cowl pictured is my new design, ZigZag Blues, which uses this method. Alternating front post stitches with back post stitches creates a wonderfully subtle, yet gorgeous texture.

The pattern is both written out and charted. You can easily adjust the size to your liking by changing the number of horizontal and vertical repeats.

And if you are a Cup of Stitches Ravelry group member, there is a special offer (valid until 11 December, 2014) exclusively for you in the announcement thread!


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