by Lena Fedotova (ravliki)

Time for summer crochet tops, fun and bright, made of cotton and linen!

I previously used this motif in Merezhka and Scarlett Berry designs and I fell so hopelessly in love with it, that I couldn't resist to play with it again and here is the result:

Some designs are born to be easy. The right yarn simply jumps on the hook. I bought this skein of linen some time ago without having any particular idea in mind and, frankly, was not entirely convinced about the color. But the second I thought about this summer top, there was not a shade of doubt any more.

The swatch was a joy! I normally find linen quite hard to handle: it feels rough and works slowly. But this time it was pure pleasure!

The magic of regular hexagon motifs turning into a spectacular geometric pattern with "false" triangles when joined fascinates me. I know what I will see at the end, but every time I am left speechless and feel in awe, just like I do when seeing plants grow.

The top features a V-neckline and a straight simple silhouette. It can be turned into a tunic or a bathing suit cover-up by lengthening it with the addition of several rows of motifs before the final row.


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