PATTERN RELEASE: Tunisian Flowers and Motifs

by Lena Fedotova (ravliki)

I am a huge fan of motif crochet. It it so relaxing! The whole process from start to finish lasts about 15-20 minutes (per motif), giving you the satisfaction of getting things finished. And you go on and on for as many motifs as your project requires. This is why I decided to find a way to crochet motifs using the Tunisian crochet technique too.

The result of my exploration is in the two new patterns I have just released: Tunisian Motifs and Tunisian Flowers. Two different types of Tunisian crochet motifs are demonstrated in these patterns, both in fully written out instructions and a photo-tutorial.

  • Tunisian Motifs, a tutorial, which explains how to crochet motifs in one color and join them as you go. Each motif has only two yarn tails: starting and ending. The pattern also includes four different shapes, with yardage estimates, so you can easily crochet the wrap you prefer: a scarf, a stole, a shawlette or a shawl.
  • Tunisian Flowers, a kerchief, based on a modified version of the first motif. These motifs have a contrast color center and a contrast border, and are joined as you go. The pattern also includes a blank layout to colorize your own version! 

Both patterns can be mixed and combined, which can give you four different types of these motifs. My personal favourites are solid-colour motifs, which look like spinning wheels! They are made of variegated yarn and highlighted with the contrast edging, which is an interesting solution for stripy yarn!

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