Wednesday, July 29, 2015


by ravliki (Lena Fedotova)

It has been extremely hot here in Montenegro and I could only crochet something airy and light, so here is a new pattern of mine, Velvet Rose.

The shawl is worked from the center top back to the edge and embellished with a flower edging. This is an easy to "sail through" project for a hot summer day. The stitch pattern is not difficult to memorize and you can always skip the relatively time consuming flower edging, since it won't break the overall shawl aesthetic.

I made it with Prairie by Madelinthosh in Robin Red Breast shade and I used up almost the entire skein (the yardage of Tosh yarns is very generous!).

I like having no left-overs at the end of the project, since I never know what to do with them, but if you are not the risk-taking type, I suggest you crochet a few motifs and weigh them before starting the project to estimate how much of your yarn will be used by the flower edging.

Happy crocheting!


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