by Yuliya Tkacheva MsWeaver

I have just added two more shawls to our growing collection of neck accessories. They are also combined into an ebook, Linen Letters, for a quicker and more economical purchase for those interested in both.

"Letter #1", Hugs and Stitches, is a two-color triangular shawl worked outwards from the center of the top edge and embellished with beads along the bottom edge (which are optional). The stitch pattern requires working in indicated chains (rather than chain spaces), but the result is well worth it!

"Letter #2", Very Truly, is two-color too, but also asymmetrical and worked sideways from a corner. The stitch pattern is very simple and easily memorised, so after the first few rows crocheting it is a breeze.

The two shawls used 3 skeins of LitYarn in total (orange, lilac and grey), which I received as a gift from Lena. I love how this fibre (100% linen) holds the shape of the stitch patterns. The shawls feel so cool and summery - perfect for early Autumn or Indian Summer! 

Hope you like these two new designs, and if you are our Ravelry group member, don't miss a special offer in the announcements thread!


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