by Lena Fedotova (ravliki on Ravelry)

I took just a few yoga classes in my life, but I still remember that feeling of happiness which stayed with me for days. This top remained named as a "blue-green top" in all my notes for a long time, almost a year, until the final photo shoot. Its fresh colors, relaxed fit, and matching yoga pants reminded me of those happy yoga days. Also, to have my hands free I had to push the remote control button with my toe, which was quite tricky!

Usually I am very careful with the item until the pattern is released. I immediately take it off after the photo shoot, because I never know how many times I will shoot it again and again. It needs to be in an excellent condition: no cat's hair, no coffee spills, no snagged threads. But for the first time I found myself wearing this top all day long. The fabric made of Malabrigo Silkpaca is a pure joy for the skin! The top is silky, airy and very soft. It is not too hot, or too cold, or itchy, or whatever something, it just feels like a second skin!

This top is T-shaped and worked bottom up to the armholes in rounds. The upper portion (starting from the armholes) is worked separately, side to side. Custom sizing is easy and is done as-you-go.

Since it is worked in the round, you can change the length of the top by working fever or more rounds. You can make the sleeves longer the same way by keeping crocheting each sleeve until the desired length. I regulated the width of the sleeve opening while working the last edging row by making tight stitches and skipping a few of them.

Another possible modification is the armhole depth. It is different for sizes XS/S and M/L, but you can easily change it by reducing or enlarging the total number of rows in the upper portion. Bear in mind, that in this case the neckline depth changes too, so you will need to think where to start the neckline beforehand.

The neckline can be made deeper (if you start it a few rows below) or turned from a V-shape to a boat-neck neckline. In this case you will need to work in rows to your desired neckline height and finish it the same way as the back neckline using triangular elements, which will create a straight edge.

The pattern also includes an empty layout grid to colorize and create your own top design and provides a few coloring examples. This empty layout grid can be used for custom modifications as well. Use it as a template and draw future modifications before you start.

The width of the top is changeable too. This can be done in several possible ways. If your gauge is similar to the gauge given in the pattern, change the starting number of triangular elements. Or you can use thinner/thicker yarn or smaller/larger size hook to archive smaller/larger gauge and choose a matching layout diagram with appropriate number of elements which will fit your bust circumference.

Note: It is suggested to have an even number of elements per row, so you can half it for the front and the back.

Have fun and don't be afraid to make changes and create your own unique pieces! Happy crocheting!



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