Smoothie: Pattern Release

I have just released one of the most satisfying desings/projects I ever have made, the Smoothie shawl!

This shawl was designed as a perfect "mix any colors" project, which allows using the leftovers (as well as the full skeins, if desired!) of any colors and any amount to achieve a harmonious overall look at the end by switching colors in a specific manner.

I have a lot of leftovers and my ideal leftover project is the one, which allows using as many leftovers as possible (ideally - all of them at once!), works well with different colors and the amount of each color should not be an issue at all. So I chose an adjustable shawl construction for my project, grabbed all leftovers of Malabrigo Sock and started thinking about the stitch pattern and the ways to blend all those incompatible colors together.

The white yarn has been replaced with the pink one, which I found later.
As usual, I failed a couple of times in the beginning, but then I finally realized that switching colors randomly doesn't work and I need to set up the rules to achieve harmony. There is nothing random in this design: color order and color choice, the way of switching colors and many more! The pattern includes these rules for switching colors to make them settle and blend naturally and the suggestions to simplify the decision making and reduce anxiety caused by having multiple colors and endless choices.

The stitch pattern is simple and based on the linen-stitch pattern, but with an added twist: every fourth row is worked with back post single crochet stitches. See the second photo in this post for the close-up of the right side of the shawl! An here is how its wrong side looks:

The Smoothie shawl pattern is available on Ravelry, Etsy, LoveCraft, and Patternvine. Have fun!

I'd love seeing your projects! Feel free to hashtag them #cupofstitches (and #smoothieshawl for this particular design) on Instagram!


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